If all life on land were to disappear today, the creatures of the ocean would flourish tomorrow. If the opposite occurred, and ocean creatures perished, then all life on land would still die. 

no life on land = life in the ocean

no life in the ocean = no life on land 

The idea that we depend on the ocean whilst it does not depend on us is backed by much of the earth's 4.5 billion-year history, where there was no life outside the ocean. It's thought that the first life forms appeared in the ocean 3 billion years ago, whilst life on land appeared only about 400 million years ago. Animals that were able to live on land came much later. 

This seems proof enough that we need the ocean more than it needs us. Still, it is hard for us humans to grasp, what with our 200,000 years existence, that we are here at the mercy of the ocean.

The ocean gives offers us so much, and we have been glad to take it. It controls the planet's carbon cycle, is master of the climate, and provides us with every second breath of oxygen we take -- through the work of phytoplankton. 

Unfortunately, this is not how we have viewed the ocean in our short history on earth. We have seen it as an endless supply of food, a medium to pass through to conquer new lands and an endless vacuum to consume our waste. We have only recently understood its importance; how it makes up 99% of living space on earth and how without it we would not exist.

We thought that the above was a compelling enough case to dedicate the first Shop For The Planet collection in the SUS&TAIN store to the Ocean. 

Our Ocean Blue collection is quickly filling up with high quality sustainable products made with respect for and inspired by the ocean. We will start by giving 20% of all profits to the Marine Conservation Society, UK. As the collection grows, so will our ability to release even more funds to more of the incredible organisations that are actively working towards protecting the ocean. 

The global ocean controls the planet's carbon cycle, determines its climate, and, through the work of phytoplankton, provides every second breath of oxygen we take.

We think it is time to give back. 

By supporting the Marine Conservation Society you will help us fight for the future of our ocean. For seas full of life, where nature flourishes and people thrive.

Discover our curated range of products inspired by the ocean!

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Really good read and great idea! Small actions like this can really help contribute to bigger and better things.

Izzy May 09, 2022

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