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Skye Serving Board

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This serving board is exactly what you need at hand when you want to fix yourself a quick lunch, or put some sliders on the table. The handle makes it easy to carry, and the cute-as a-button design lends itself well to being displayed.

These beauties are handmade by our friends in Canada at the Nightwood Studio. We love their commitment to a different way of living: slower, more connected, more conscious.

Picture this: one tree is harvested. The log is sawn into boards which are dried for a year, or more. When ready, this raw material is carefully crafted into Nightwood's signature offerings that reflect the history and personality of the living source, all while carrying an air of simplicity and refinement. The wood continues to speak for itself. The grain is always highlighted, and the natural properties of the material are honoured.

Dimensions: Height - 16 ½"; Width - 6 ½”; Thickness - ¾"

Please note that this product is handmade to order. The lead time for production and delivery is 7-8 weeks from order date.  

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