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Made to Order for Sustainability

We are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. As part of this commitment, we offer made-to-order items to minimise waste and prevent overproduction. By choosing to purchase a made-to-order product, you are actively supporting our sustainable production practices and contributing to a greener future.

For a limited time, enjoy a 10% discount when you purchase any made-to-order item. This is our way of expressing gratitude for your support in our sustainable practices. This discount is automatically applied at at checkout.

We appreciate your commitment to sustainability and hope you take advantage of this special offer.

The benefits of our made-to-order approach include:

  • Minimisation of waste in the production process
  • Prevention of overproduction, reducing excess inventory and its associated environmental impact
  • Customised production tailored to specific customer needs, eliminating unnecessary stock and resources
  • Contribution to a more sustainable and eco-conscious supply chain

Please be aware that made-to-order items are crafted specifically for each customer, and as a result, they will be delivered approximately 2 weeks from the date of your order. For more detailed information on estimated delivery dates, kindly refer to the information located under the buy button. We appreciate your support in our efforts towards a more sustainable future.


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At SUS&TAIN, we understand that nurturing your mind is the cornerstone of a joyous and gratifying life. That's why we offer a range of wellness products specifically designed to equip you with the tools you need to wholeheartedly embrace mindfulness, find balance, and thrive.

We believe that a healthy mind is the catalyst for personal growth and overall well-being. Our carefully curated selection of products is meticulously chosen to support your mental and emotional journey. Whether you seek calmness, focus, or a sense of inner peace, we have precisely what you need to nourish your mind and unlock your full potential.

From meditation essentials to mindfulness aids, our wellness products are thoughtfully crafted to provide practical solutions for modern living. We recognise the unique challenges and demands of daily life, and our offerings are designed to seamlessly integrate into your routine, empowering you to cultivate mindfulness and find serenity amidst the chaos.