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Trio of Magic Matcha Latte | Energy & Concentration

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"This antioxidant matcha potion is our new favourite latte!" - Vogue Paris

"A game changer" - Dr. Will Cole

Our matcha comes from the island of Kyûshû in Japan. We love organic ceremonial matcha tea for its taste and strong antioxidant properties! The stems and ribs of the leaves of our matcha tea are removed (unlike the greenish matcha, more bitter), then the leaves are ground between two granite millstones.

This matcha is fluorescent green (typical trait of a quality ceremonial matcha), but becomes dark when mixed with lion's mane (brown) and maca (beige).

The lion's mane (hericium erinaceus) is a functional fungus known as a super ally to support memory and concentration, when it is incorporated into our daily lives. Our lion's mane was steamed and cultivated in a way that protects biodiversity by respecting the standards of organic farming.

Maca is an adaptogenic energizing root that stimulates your libido.

Note: adaptogens work better when taken in the medium/long term, for example a 3-month cure.


We have put together 3 ingredients for our Magic Matcha Latte: a delicious organic ceremonial matcha, organic lion's mane (600mg per 3g dose) and organic Peruvian maca that brings a sweet touch (1100mg per 3g dose).

  • CEREMONIAL MATCHA: energising and calming, antioxidant, helps with good digestion
  • LION'S MANE: anti-inflammatory, brain food
  • MACA: resistant to stress, good mood, hormonal balance


  • Vegan approved
  • Innovative, natural and vegetable recipe.
  • 1 tree planted every order
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Certified Organic Agriculture by Ecocert (FR-BIO-01).
  • Ethically sourced ingredients 
  • Functional fungi controlled in a microbiological analysis laboratory.
  • Ingredients exclusively from organic farming


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