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Eco Naps: Cloth nappy leaks & troubleshooting‎‎


Check the inserts; are they saturated or just slightly damp? Read on to find the remedy.

Inserts are saturated

If nappy inserts are soaked through, you have an absorption issue. Here's a simple solution:

  1. Change the nappy more frequently

    Are you changing nappies every 2-3 hours? If not, this could be the cause of your leaks. Cloth nappies use physical absorption to soak up liquid, unlike disposables that use a chemical gelling agent, so cloth nappies don’t hold quite as much liquid and need to be changed more often.

Inserts are damp or dry

A damp or partially dry inserts indicate that you probably have a fit issue. Here’s how to solve it:

  1. Adjust the fit

    Oftentimes, leaky nappies happen when the fit isn’t quite right. Watch the Eco Naps step by step nappy fitting video for instructions on how to achieve the perfect fit. With a little bit of practice and some simply adjustments, you can resolve leaks with ease.

  2. Common fit errors

    Here are three of the most common fitting errors that could be causing your cloth nappy leaks. Check that you can say yes to the below to ensure your leaks aren’t caused by one of these common mistakes.

  • Are the inserts fitted flat inside the nappy with no folded edges? 

  • Are the nappy leg elastics tucked into bubs’ undie lines?

  • Is the nappy crotch sitting close to bubs’ skin with no visible gaps or sagging?

If you are changing your nappy regularly, have the right absorption, and have checked your fit but still find nappies leaking, please get in touch. We’re happy to check your fit and offer you personalised advice.


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