Yoga Flash Cards Children Activities Mindful & Co Yoga Flash Cards Children Activities Mindful & Co

Yoga Flash Cards

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Yoga Snap Game Children Activities Mindful & Co Our beautifully hand-illustrated Yoga Snap Card Game features 13 sets of fun, easy to follow yoga pose cards that when matched can be replicated by your little ones.  A fun, educational and interactive take on the classic card game Snap, our Yoga Snap Game is a wonderful source of mindfulness and focus.

Yoga Snap Game

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Love Notes Children Activities Mindful & Co Why do Love Notes matter? Love Notes were developed to build resilience, give your child an extraordinary sense of purpose, strengthen positive pathways in their brain, teach kindness, cultivate self-love, and harness their divine individuality. Watch their confidence soar and your relationship blossom; just when you thought you couldn’t love them more than you already do.

Love Notes

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Gratitude Mail Children Activities Mindful & Co Our Gratitude Mail can be enjoyed alone, with friends, with adults or in the classroom.   Each Gratitude set contains 12 unique cards exclusive to Mindful & Co Kids, one for teachers and one for everybody else.

Gratitude Mail

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Pick Up Sticks Children Activities Mindful & Co Through the joy of play enjoy the classic game of Pick Up Sticks. Pick Up Sticks are not only fun and interactive they offer your child a source of mindfulness and focus.  Regular Mindfulness practice can help your child to cultivate calm, clear their mind, self-regulate emotions, practice gratitude, and become more self-aware in times of stress.  This game can be enjoyed with the whole family or in the classroom.

Pick Up Sticks

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Patience Pebbles Children Activities Mindful & Co Fill your family home with precious moments with these Patience Pebbles. Pause, engage and breathe in rare, quiet times where everything else stands still. Now, it’s just you and your little one playing, creating, and learning. Littlies can build their own castle, rocket ship, or let their imagination soar!

Patience Pebbles

€37,95 EUR

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