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Eco Naps: How to fit cloth nappies

Achieving the perfect fit can take a little practice, but getting the right fit will help minimise leaks and keep your baby comfy and happy. This guide will help fit your modern cloth nappy in 6 simple steps.

Step 1: Place nappy under baby’s bum

Not too high up the back, 1-2 cm above baby’s bum crack is just right.

Step 2: Pull the front of the nappy over

Bring the front of the nappy up to bubs’ tum. Make sure it’s pulled high enough to provide a snug fit around their bottom to help prevent leaks. The back and front of the cloth nappy should sit at an equal high around bubs’ waist.

Step 3: Secure the waist flaps

Pull the waist flaps and snap into place, but not too tight. Leave enough wiggle room to slide 2-3 fingers into the waistband.

Step 4: Tuck away excess waist fabric

Smooth any flap fabric around bubs’ waistline for a flat and comfy finish.

Step 5: Tuck up excess front fabric

Tuck the front fold fabric upwards to get a nice smooth finish.

Note: This step isn’t needed if you are using the large nappy setting. 

Step 6: Tuck in the leg elastics

Make sure the leg elastics are tucked snugly into bubs’ knicker line to help prevent leaks. You don’t want to see any visible gaps around their thighs.

Free download: How to fit a cloth nappy

Make fitting cloth nappies a breeze for anyone. Print this free guide and keep it near your change table or handy to give to grandparents, babysitters, and daycare for the perfect fit, every time. 

Download our free cloth nappy fitting guide here

 Demo video: How to fit an EcoNaps cloth nappy





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